1. After submitting you understand we will be answering your request within 24 to 48 hours.
  2. In case your brief is not clear we will send you a written request to make the information clearer to us
  3. Submitted text need to be in the language requested.
  4. Our team of designers, create the concept copyrighted for the specific campaign, the copyrights are valid for 1 year and will be renewed upon your request an extra fee
  5. Once your payment is submitted we will withhold the amount  until your creation is accepted.
  6. We will thrive to return a first submission within 48 hours. if for extreme cases beyond our control, these cases can include but are not restricted to: non comprehensible text, provided photos, or material that do not respect the guidelines of our work: Ethical, respectful to human rights and dignity, No pornographic, photographs related to child sexual abuse or child labor or child abuse (unless the objective of the campaign is for education and public awarness)
  7. We do not tolerate offensive languages in correspondences. We will withstand your credit card details and we will hold your guarantee as a compensation
  8. Once the submit button is clicked you understand that we will charge your credit card. If for any reason you change your mind within 48 hours before our first submission your money will be returned minus 50 USD handling fee.
  9. Although we thrive to make it right from the first submission, you might need a rectification or a change or a minor info added etc…We expect a feedback from your side within 24 hours of our submission, asking for any change or any major or minor change, if within 24 hours of our submission we do not receive your update we will consider that the submission is accepted. if you require any change a fee of 50 $ will be added within the first 48 hours. and a new submission is required for any change that is submitted beyond the 72 hours mark from the our first submission.
  10. Unless we are off track in our submissions or we need to buy copyrighted materials upon your request,the price mentioned includes 3 changes. Every extra submission for change or alteration will be charged depending on the scope of the extra work: it can go from 50 $ up to the the original amount of the ad. Please try to limit your changes in one submission.
  11. example: we receive the info on 12 May 2015 @ 2pm , we will give you the first submission by 14 May 2015 @ 1:59 pm we expect a return for change or alteration by 15 May 2015 @1:59 pm. Please remember these are deadline and time limits, submission often happen prior to those dates.